Some things common to most brands: a mission statement; a value proposition; a unique selling proposition; a positioning statement; a brand architecture; a desired perception; brand advocates.

And those are just the terms. We all know what they actually tend to sound like too. What is it about marketing that leads to so much jargon, as if the average person consciously thinks about the value proposition or the brand architecture when they’re out shopping? Brand advocates don’t think in those terms either.

An essential power tool.

Speaking of brand advocates, there are a bunch of them in every organization. They’re called employees, the vast majority of whom don’t think in marketing terms either. How are they supposed to advocate for the brand if they can’t follow the jargon-filled pronouncements either?

Something more brands should have: An anthem.

An anthem, a paragraph written in plain English, is a powerful tool for a brand. It’s a foundation. A rallying cry. A clear articulation of what the brand stands for, and what it means. That’s right, what it means.

Here’s an example of an opening line from an Anthem we wrote for one of our clients.

“Our way is not conventional, nor should it ever be.”

This is the kind of language that resonates easily with people. That can be taken to heart. That can be articulated by just about anyone in a way in which they are comfortable. That people can easily understand and make their own.

An anthem should be in every brand’s communication arsenal. Us More