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With our B-2-B clients and prospects, we often talk about the rational versus emotional decision making of the customer. Most business decisions are bottom line, rational decisions—the fleet manager with 5,000 vehicles where a penny or two per mile difference in cost makes a huge bottom line difference, or the tug boat operator who needs to minimize downtime with extended engine maintenance intervals. Yet the fact remains we are marketing to humans, and emotion has to be part of the equation. But it’s emotion in a different sense.

We’re not talking about emotional in the sense…


Step out of your marketing role to just be a consumer for a moment and try and identify the last time you saw an ad and were completely taken in by it.

Take your time. It’s probably not easy given all the ads we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

Now remember that while you step back into your marketing role, because chances are pretty good that the average customer isn’t going to do any better than you at that exercise. And that’s certainly not a good thing when your livelihood depends on customer engagement with… Us More