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It’s the age of online newspapers and magazines. e-books, e-newsletters and PDFs. However, the death of print has been greatly exaggerated. Sharply designed brochures, posters, direct mail and business papers are still powerfully effective—and have staying power. When duty calls, a strong print production team adds tremendous value to the finished product.

The basics of print production are simple: choosing paper, print techniques, finishing and bindery options. The real value comes from a production team who are advocates for great creative and who can work with, and guide designers in a direction which results in brilliant and…


As a business, advertising couldn’t be any more subjective. Success in advertising takes a really healthy client-agency relationship. Over the years, we’ve learned some of the most important ingredients to maintaining a strong working relationship are:

1. Sharing, of info, ideas, opinions, concerns, deadlines, budget constraints, lunch, a golf cart. If we both lay all our cards on the table face up, we’ll be better partners for each other.

2. Honesty, especially when providing—and receiving—feedback.

3. Access to senior people. For clients, few things are worse than the feeling you didn’t get your agency’s best thinking. For agencies,…


Some things common to most brands: a mission statement; a value proposition; a unique selling proposition; a positioning statement; a brand architecture; a desired perception; brand advocates.

And those are just the terms. We all know what they actually tend to sound like too. What is it about marketing that leads to so much jargon, as if the average person consciously thinks about the value proposition or the brand architecture when they’re out shopping? Brand advocates don’t think in those terms either.

Speaking of brand advocates, there are a bunch of them in every organization. They’re…


Here’s an interesting bit of copy from a company that wanted us to buy from them: “(Brand) offers personalized document management solutions to increase the efficiency of your lifecycle information management while fostering positive community engagement through every customer relationship.”

Having no idea what that meant, we moved on pretty quickly. Although we admit to saving it as a great example of a company trying too hard to sound smart.

This company may be pretty smart. But all they managed to do was make a bad impression on us. We don’t know what they do, and… Us More