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They say writing about music is like dancing about architecture. The same goes with talking about design. It’s got a language all its own. It (hopefully) provokes an emotion. It’s subjective. It’s hard to describe. You just know good design when you see it.

If you place a few ads on a table, the best designs often stand out immediately, even to a team of accountants. People tend to be drawn to things not just because of what they see, but unconsciously because of what they feel. A good designer knows how color and texture…


It’s the age of online newspapers and magazines. e-books, e-newsletters and PDFs. However, the death of print has been greatly exaggerated. Sharply designed brochures, posters, direct mail and business papers are still powerfully effective—and have staying power. When duty calls, a strong print production team adds tremendous value to the finished product.

The basics of print production are simple: choosing paper, print techniques, finishing and bindery options. The real value comes from a production team who are advocates for great creative and who can work with, and guide designers in a direction which results in brilliant and… Us More