Step out of your marketing role to just be a consumer for a moment and try and identify the last time you saw an ad and were completely taken in by it.

Take your time. It’s probably not easy given all the ads we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

Don’t be invisible.

Now remember that while you step back into your marketing role, because chances are pretty good that the average customer isn’t going to do any better than you at that exercise. And that’s certainly not a good thing when your livelihood depends on customer engagement with your ads.

Most brands are so busy talking about themselves they forget the most basic need to resonate with their customers. It’s our premise that if you don’t first strike a nerve with people, you aren’t going to get them engaged.

It’s a fine line though and a lot of people in our business don’t get it. They try and make a grandiose splash that has no real relevance. Striking a nerve isn’t just crying out for attention. It’s understanding what’s relevant to the audience and honing in on that. You don’t have to be big to get peoples’ attention when you can say the one thing that hits them where they live. That’s what people immediately recognize and what they’ll remember about you down the road.

It’s critical in this age of innumerable messages clamoring for attention in every conceivable place and time that you do something not just to stand out, but also to be remembered. The way to do that is to strike a nerve. Us More