With our B-2-B clients and prospects, we often talk about the rational versus emotional decision making of the customer. Most business decisions are bottom line, rational decisions—the fleet manager with 5,000 vehicles where a penny or two per mile difference in cost makes a huge bottom line difference, or the tug boat operator who needs to minimize downtime with extended engine maintenance intervals. Yet the fact remains we are marketing to humans, and emotion has to be part of the equation. But it’s emotion in a different sense.

Aim between the eyes.

We’re not talking about emotional in the sense of tugging at heartstrings. We’re talking about the emotional impact of stopping power. The things that hit you between the eyes because they are unexpected result in an emotional response that is undeniable. That’s the emotional component that so much B-2-B advertising misses. Marketers are so concerned with saying everything they can possibly say they forget about the tremendous impact bold, simple statements have in terms of stopping power, of getting people’s attention, of differentiating the brand.

It takes a confident brand to act in that manner. And it takes confident marketing decision makers as well. But the end result is a stronger message, a noticeable difference compared to the competition and a more positive impact on the brand’s perception among the audience. Don’t succumb completely to the rational side at the expense of the return provided by the emotional impact of stopping power. Us More