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They asked Corner Dental of Toledo, Ohio needed to find a meaningful way to differentiate themselves beyond saying "with five area locations" and "accepting all major insurance plans." Rather than be the low-cost provider, or the dentist with evening and weekend hours, they wanted a defensible position that exhibited an understanding of how the consumer relates to their teeth and their dental care provider; and a campaign execution that stood out in the marketplace.


We answered with Adverthinking, including ethnographic research which revealed that people appreciate good teeth (strong, healthy) more than perfect teeth (cosmetic, superficial). Healthy teeth allow people to be more spontaneous and less inhibited. They smile more. So we gave them something to smile about, a campaign built around the theme, "Healthier teeth. Happier you."


This happened While formal tracking study results are not yet available, call center volumes have increased significantly, and monthly appointment goals are being attained a week to ten days ahead of schedule. Anecdotally, reinforcement is high with unsolicited praise from consumers. Some have even created their own versions of our commercials and posted them to YouTube.


The research proved, "Healthier teeth. Happier you." So it became the tagline.