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Dig Downtown Detroit


They asked Downtown Detroit isn't exactly a tourist mecca. But there are hundreds of unique venues and events to explore. The insiders know all about them. But millions of people within an hour's drive of them don't--especially with a lack of one true downtown website and a complex grid of city streets. The Downtown Detroit Partnership needed a cost-efficient way to help more people discover all that Downtown Detroit has to offer. They needed a big idea that could work within a not-so-big budget.


We answered with, a website targeting "experiential explorers," people on the lookout for one-of-a-kind experiences. We made it easy to find Downtown Detroit's hidden gems, and easy for local businesses to participate. To help get people below the surface, we filled the website with itineraries, events, Weekly Digables, maps, guides and places to explore. We made it vibrant, just the like the city. By integrating with Facebook and Twitter we made it social. And we made it fun, with things like the Facebook Dig Downtown Detroit photo contest.


This happened A Dig Downtown Detroit movement started. The constant flow of new buzz gave people an endless stream of reasons to keep visiting and Downtown Detroit. Print ads were commissioned. And because we made the website easy for the Downtown Detroit Partnership to update and maintain, the life and long-term impact of aren't bound by budget limitations.


We unearthed downtown Detroit's many hidden gems.