Case Studies MTU 2-Cycle Website

MTU Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle Website


They asked MTU wanted to recapture the attention of Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle customers that were unaware of MTU's purchase of the product line or its renewed focus on customer support. The assignment was a challenging one, as the target consisted of B2B and B2C customers who did not associate the Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle product line with MTU.


We answered We developed a website focused solely on Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle products to engage fans and former customers with new content and a variety of features. The website provided downloads such as screensavers and engine model number decoders, as well as mechanisms for visitors to find product information, learn about the company's rich history and share their own 2-Cycle testimonials with other enthusiasts. Display and Search Engine Marketing were used to drive traffic to the site, while SEO helped the site gain traction in natural search results. An email newsletter was also employed to notify past visitors regarding new content.


This happened Through these efforts, MTU saw a 542% increase in daily traffic, a 16% increase in first time visitors to the site, and a tenfold increase in qualified customer inquiries submitted via the website. Additionally, non-paid (organic) search traffic increased 162% in Google, 63% in Bing, and 130% in Yahoo. New content and features have been added on a monthly basis to further increase the sites' value among target B2B and B2C audiences and promote repeat visits. The website and campaign that surrounded it are considered a significant success by MTU, and are often referenced by MTU as the new standard by which other efforts are judged.


542% boost in website traffic. Client was pleased.