Case Studies Nexteer



They asked Delphi Steering, which was being purchased by a private equity firm, needed a new name. They also needed a new brand identity that would signify the new ownership, and put distance between them and Delphi's bankruptcy, as well as their past association with GM.


We answered with the name Nexteer. It implies next steer, next year, and next tier. We positioned this new breed of auto supplier as nimble and forward thinking, yet blessed with a heritage that puts it ahead of the curve. Besides the name, we delivered the brand positioning, logo, corporate identity, signage, ad campaign and internal launch communications. Most were produced in five languages to cover Nexteer's global footprint.


This happened When the automotive industry took a nosedive, the private equity deal was withdrawn. All our work was shelved. Then a funny thing happened. In the midst of the car chaos, GM, of all the unlikely companies, bought Delphi Steering. Then an even funnier thing happened. The thinking that led us to Nexteer, and the work we'd done to bring it to life, was resurrected. In October 2009, the Nexteer brand was launched.


We helped them go from bankruptcy to rebirth.