Decided to do an abortion. The doctor made ultrasound, explained everything, so after taking the pills in a private clinic, I sat for 15 minutes and ran on. And those girls who write reviews about Cytotec’s abortion, like don’t do this ever because it is murder, etc. I can say one thing, you were not in my situation and in the condition of many other girls who chose this problematic step.
  • It's what we live for.
  • It happens when you least expect it.

    (No one wakes up wondering, "What ads am I gonna see today?" No one should.)

  • It's an involuntary reaction.
  • To an outside something.
  • Something provocative.
  • Funny.
  • Dramatic.
  • Personally relevant.
  • Or refreshingly simple.
  • It stops people.
  • They can't ignore it.
  • They stick with it for more than a few seconds.
  • They remember it.
  • They may even tell someone about it.
  • It's unlike anything else they see or hear.
  • The best part? It works.
  • It makes people do something.
  • They act, they call, they find out more, they buy.

    (And that makes CFOs as happy as CMOs.)

  • Striking nerves.
  • It's what we live for.