Bank of Ann Arbor

Since 2006, we’ve been cultivating a distinctive brand identity for BoAA that highlights their small-bank, community-minded spirit. Our lime green “Bank of Ann Arbor helps” campaign has been one of the most popular in the region, and the envy of the banking industry. Rarely, if ever, has a banking product or service been mentioned in the campaign. Still, it has worked. In 2016, Bank of Ann Arbor reported a seventh consecutive year of record-setting earnings.

Bank of Ann Arbor has used the same logo since the bank opened in 1996. In 2016, we unveiled a new logo with a modern, yet friendly aesthetic. The new look coincided with the opening of the bank’s new headquarters in downtown Ann Arbor.

Bank of Ann Arbor employs 225 people and operates eight locations in Washtenaw, western Wayne and Oakland Counties.

To spread awareness of the Bank of Ann Arbor’s new office in Birmingham, we created a series of commercials for Birmingham-area movie theaters. Each spot featured the summer of 2017’s biggest movies, along with the classics.

We gave a complete overhaul, making it more mobile-friendly, navigable and better organized, while retaining Bank of Ann Arbor’s branding and local flavor.

Art fairs, parades, tailgates, you name it. You’ll see this van and the Bank of Ann Arbor team all over Southeast Michigan, supporting local communities. Since 1996, they have donated nearly $5 million to local groups and events. Bank of Ann Arbor’s Sonic Lunch concert series celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.

Bank of Ann Arbor’s “Like/Love” campaign works seamlessly for radio. Only a true local bank would give shout-outs to local businesses, landmarks and Michigan football. These radio spots do all that and more, without mentioning adjustable mortgage rates and other sleep-inducing banking verbiage.

We’ve helped create Bank of Ann Arbor annual reports since 1996. Fun fact from the 2016 report: Bank of Ann Arbor is the second largest bank in Ann Arbor, with nearly 14% market share in deposits. Only Chase is bigger.