The rules have changed. Today, manufacturers must be able to see every aspect of their business in real time, and quickly adapt to compete in an ever-changing world. Enter the Plex Manufacturing Cloud—the first and only cloud built for manufacturing. Whether making crankshafts or craft beers, more than 400 companies run smarter, leaner and more efficiently with the help of Plex. It’s a new way of thinking, built from the plant floor up. And it’s helping manufacturers get ready for what’s next.

To reflect their cutting-edge technology, we had to reboot the Plex brand. We started with a new, contemporary logo. What they do is incredibly complex, but simple to use. We implemented simple graphics and messages in trade magazines, billboards and online.

“Perich creativity is always supported by a sound strategy.”
Jan Welborn-Nichols, Corporate Marketing Manager, Plex Systems

Plex corporate brochure

New employee brochure

Branding extended to elevator doors and conference rooms at Plex’s corporate office.