Walsh College

This Detroit area all-business college’s brand had grown stale and predictable. We rebuilt it with a distinctive, simple, direct, message: “Walsh is serious about business.” Our campaign is devoid of typically smiling students and bearded professors. Just a legal pad and simple, witty ways of delivering relevant messaging. Enrollment and inquiries and visits by prospective students has never been higher.

Since the campaign launched in 2008, Walsh experienced its highest levels of enrollment and top-line revenue in its history, tripled brand awareness in nine months, moved unaided awareness as the “top business school in Michigan” from fifth to second and quadrupled direct and web inquiries.

“So many people rave about the campaign that I have to hide at cocktail parties.”
– John Lichtenberg, Walsh College client.

In addition to broadcast, outdoor and print advertising, we painted Walsh College campuses yellow, too. Each campus brought the campaign “home” with banners, posters, course catalogs, mugs, bumper stickers and the school van.

We gave the Walsh College website an overhaul, improving usability while retaining the personality and design elements of the ad campaign.